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frequently asked questions

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Can you make custom or bulk orders?

Absolutely! Shoot me an e-mail at or use the contact page.

When do you restock items?

I try to restock items as soon as they are available. Because homemade soap must cure for four – six weeks after it’s made it can be a little tricky to pinpoint the exact restock date. Make sure to subscribe to e-mail updates so that you don’t miss any restocks!

How long will it take you to ship my purchase?

I will ship your item within three days of receiving your order. The rest is up to the carrier. If for any reason this is not possible I will immediately let you know via e-mail.

Why do you use beeswax if you claim to be a Vegan company?

Saving the bees is a cause close to my heart. I ONLY use beeswax sourced from local area beekeepers. By purchasing beeswax from local companies, it puts money in the hands of backyard beekeepers. Without funding these local beekeepers it is more likely that they will not be able to fund their beekeeping. Beekeeping is an intensive job and requires a lot of work. Backyard beekeepers will truly be the ones that save the bees. I honestly believe that by using ethically-sourced beeswax in my products and by your purchasing them we are doing a small part to save them as well.

It is safe to use preservative-free products?

Yes and no. Any product that contains free water or that might be introduced to water MUST contain a preservative to protect consumers against serious infections cause by bacteria, fungus, and mold. I create products without free water. For example, a lotion must contain a preservative because it contains water but a body butter does not because it is made up of oils and waxes.

FYI any company that manufactures products with free water and claim “paraben-free” are simply using a different, less tested and studied preservative.

I believe it is my duty to offer products that don’t need preserving so you don’t have to worry about it!

If you care, please share!
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