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Product care

Give your products their longest life

Handmade products need to be given special care to make them last as long as they can and to get the best use out of them. See instructions and tips below for each product category.

Bar soaps
  • Bar soaps should be kept as dry as possible. Leaving bar soap in a stream or puddle of water will significantly reduce the life of your bar as it will cause it to melt. Keep on a drying rack between uses.
  • Do not rub the bar directly on your body, but rather on your hands or on a loofah/wash cloth then onto your body.
  • Do not leave soap in a hot car or in direct sunlight. They are made of mostly oil and can and will melt.
  • Homemade soap doesn’t necessarily bubble like most synthetic detergent bars found in grocery stores… but they clean just as well if not better!
  • And… common sense warrants use caution because soap makes surfaces slippery!
Bath bombs, melts, teas, and soaks
  • Until ready for use, leave products in their packaging and do not let them come into contact with water.
  • Use bath and shower fizzies before the expiration date or they may not fizz at all!
  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let scrubs come into contact with water. Use or dispose of what you squeeze out of bottle. Never save leftover scrub or replace product in bottle if you squeeze out too much. It is not worth an infection. Products without preservatives that are introduced to free water will grow bacteria, fungus, and mold. Scrubs come in squeeze bottles so that no water is introduced therefore no preservatives are needed.
  • Scrubs should not be left in a hot car or direct sunlight as the salt and/or sugar can melt.
Body butters
  • Do not let body butters come into contact with water. If water is introduced the product can and most likely will grow bacteria, fungus, and/or mold. There should be no reason.
  • Start with a small amount on dried skin. Body butters contain no water and take longer to soak in than lotion. This allows them to be preservative free!
  • Do not leave in a hot car or direct sunlight as product will melt.
  • Use before expiration date or store in refrigerator – oils can go rancid, they do have a shelf life.
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